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Body/Organ Donations

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Body / Organ Donations

Organ Donation

  • Often 3 to 5 or more persons can live due to organ donation.
  • About 96,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for an organ (over 7,000 Texans), but only about 20,000 will receive an organ each year.
  • Register with a donor organization such as, 713.528.2971 or, 1.800.633.6562.
  • Carry a donor card and notify family of your desires.
  • Note: Survivors are responsible for burial or cremation afterwards, but cremations can be as low as $700.

 Tissue and Body Parts Donation

  • Donate tissue and body parts to a non-profit organization which will harvest them for distribution for medical research and other uses.
  • Tissues (skin, bone, corneas, bone marrow, heart valves, & others) can be recovered after cardiac death has been pronounced and up to 24 hours after death if certain criteria have been met.
  • Contact or phone 1.888.774.4438. It is desirable that arrangements be made in advance as processing of the body must be done within a limited period of time after death. 


Body Donation to a Medical School

  • There are 8 medical schools in Texas needing willed bodies.
  • In Houston, Baylor College of Medicine does an autopsy at no cost to the family. Check or phone 713.798.3858 or 713.798.4930.

 For additional information click on this link:

You are strongly advised to fill out papers in advance, and notify family members. In addition, It is recommended that you document your wishes by filling out “Appointment of Agent to Control Disposition of Remains”, which is in our “New Member Packet” and also available upon request from FCAH.

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