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Green Burials

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Green Burial -- Home Burial

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, stardust to stardust—all life is made of stardust. About 92 elements comprise Earth and all but one or two were formed within stars--and surprisingly, all life on Earth requires only about 25 of the 92 elements, such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, calcium, iron, and others.

An ecosystem’s “cycle of life” (stardust--to life--to stardust) depends on two dynamics: First, the sun’s energy is captured by plants; the captured energy is combined with Earth’s stardust to produce food for nearly all life; consumption of plants transfers both energy and stardust elements for living, and Second, the “cycle of life” allows these elements upon death to be recycled as elements for new life.

Green and natural burials use only biodegradable materials within the top several feet of soil where natural recycling occurs. Traditional burials introduce embalming fluid (formaldehyde), steel, and concrete and at six feet deep adipocere may occur and elements may not be available for new life. Increasing numbers of people confronted with the above realities choose green burials or natural burials.

Green Burial/Natural Burial: DO NOT PREPAY as requested by many internet websites!

  • No embalming, biodegradable shroud or container, buried within top layers of soil, no obvious markers or only flat stone left on surface.

Home Burial--for more information:

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