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Direct Cremation


Cremation - Direct Cremation

Detailed information about cremation is available under FAQ


Houston price survey range--$700 to $4,000

  • Review FTC Funeral Rule ( - federal law allows you to buy only what you want.Review FTC's Funerals: A Consumer Guide (link under construction).
  • Embalming is not required by law; substitute with refrigeration if a longer time period is required before cremation or for viewing.
  • Your permission is required for embalming, and without permission no fee may be charged.
  • The funeral home must disclose in writing that direct cremation or burial requires no embalming.
  • Cremation providers must make alternate caskets/containers available.
  • Shop for your service needs and verify all prices and total costs.

Direct Cremation:

  • Unless otherwise stated, the following is included in the direct cremation price: transportation of the deceased from place of death to the funeral home, simple burial container, transportation of the deceased to the crematory, crematory fee, simple container for the ashes, one death certificate. The funeral home notifies the family that that the ashes can be picked-up at the funeral home.
  • Cremation shortly after death, no embalming, and alternate casket.
  • Cooperating Funeral Homes–review price list.
  • Review Funeral Rule– federal law allows you to buy only what you want.
  • Review FTC Funerals: A Consumer Guide (see links).
  • Urn purchase is not required.
  • If cremations are offered, alternate containers for cremation must be available.
  • Cremated remains may be kept at home, buried, or scattered.
  • Scattering may require permission at some locations.
  • Verify that costs include basic service fees and transportation costs.
  • There are no cemetery or crypt charges unless you choose burial.
  • Prices may change – always verify prices and total cost.

Note: Nearly all of the above information has been taken from “FTC Funerals: A Consumer Guide” and is intended to be a faithful summary as published on the Federal Trade Commission website.

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